Introduction of Port Congestion Surcharge

Introduction of Brisbane and Melbourne Port Congestion Surcharge

The hot topic of Port Congestion has hit the media this week. With MUA insisting there are no delays, wait time for vessels to berth in Melbourne are reported at over 9 days, while wait times for vessels to berth in Brisbane is at 10 days. Sydney still at the top of the list with 17 days wait before berthing.

Shipping lines continue to add pressure to importers with an announcement of Brisbane and Melbourne Port Congestion Surcharge being introduced. Once again, shipping lines will differ with their implementation dates and the surcharge.

Those that have made their announcement with the surcharge are listed below:

* USD 300 per TEU

* Import Cargo from Europe/Turkey/Israel from bill of lading dated 15 October 2020 onward

* Import Cargo ex USA from bill of lading dated 29 October 2020 onward

* Export cargo to all regions except USA from bill of lading date 15 October 2020 onward

* Export cargo to USA  from cargo possession date 29 October 2020

* LCL cargo will be affected at a rate of USD 13.50 per cbm

Over the coming days, we expect notification from other shipping lines announcing their surcharges and dates applicable.

AXIMA will only be charging the Port Congestion Surcharge when applicable and at cost.

Maersk, OOCL, Cosco and ONE have announced suspension to services to Sydney. Currently, there are constant adjustments being made to schedules to avoid Sydney and the inevitable congestion issues. Your Client Services Specialist will keep you updated of schedule changes affecting your cargo.

AXIMA will monitor the market and provide updates as information is received.              

If you have any queries, please contact your local Client Services Specialist.  We appreciate your continued support of AXIMA.