AXIMA Logistics Accredited as Australian Trusted T

AXIMA Logistics Accredited as Australian Trusted Trader.






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AXIMA Logistics Accredited as Australian Trusted Trader


The Department of Home Affairs, the Australian Border Force and the Australian Government have recently accredited AXIMA as an Australian Trusted Trader.  An Australian Trusted Trader is an importer, exporter or service provider within the international supply chain that has proven itself to have compliant trade practices and a secure supply chain.    


Although our systems and processes are of a high standard, this new accreditation allows us to use the short queue to Australia government services so that we can provide improved levels of service and provide a higher level of commercial confidence to our existing and future clients.


History of the Australian Trusted Trader Program

As background, in the years before the Australian Trusted Trader program, the Department of Home Affairs and the Australian Border Force identified an issue where they could see a future of reduced government resource within an ever-increasing number of importers and exports.  The Government needed a way to remove those importers, exporters and service providers who are regular and known from the mix so they could concentrate on new, targeted and irregular traders.  Many other countries already had programs such as this running, which are commonly referred to as Authorised Economic Operator schemes. This was how the Australian Trusted Trader program began. 


Benefits of being an Australian Trusted Trader

The Australian Trusted Trader program is specifically designed to provide added-value to accredited businesses with benefits that include:


  • Having an account manager at the Australian Border Force
  • Priority processing of refunds, drawbacks, advance (origin) rulings, tariff advices
  • Priority treatment at the border (x-ray holds) and lower frequency of holds
  • Australian Trusted Trader events, workshops and forums
  • Use of the Australian Trusted Trader logo
  • Mutual recognition arrangements for exports to Canada, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan (with more countries to come)
  • Streamlined access to becoming a sponsor for the Temporary Skill Shortage visa
  • Consolidated Cargo Clearance (conditional) being multiple LCL or airfreight clearances from multiple suppliers on the one flight/vessel
  • APEC business travel card application made easy
  • Known consignor for air freight exporters
  • Monthly duty deferral for those Australian Trusted Traders who are registered for GST deferral


If you are interested in learning more or to discuss how obtaining Australian Trusted Trader accreditation will help your business, we at AXIMA are happy to assist.

Please send an email to, and our National Border Compliance Manager will be in contact.


Gary Brasher
National Customs Manager
AXIMA Logistics